Sunday, September 16, 2007

The church in the wildwoood.

I've been visiting First Presbyterian Church Starkville this year considering joining the congregation by reaffirmation of faith, being technically a confirmed member of the congregation of First Presbyterian Church Tallahassee, my baptismal and childhood church. I've been to a number of services and wanted to experience a fellowship event. The fall catfish fry at Robinson Lake seemed a like a good bet.

The lake and surrounding property off Daffodill Lane was donated by a Mrs. Robinson (insert Dustin Hoffman/Simon and Garfunkel joke of choice here) and hence its name, Robinson Lake. The church uses it for social occasions and as a campground for the Boy Scout troup.

Before the fish fry there was a musical event featuring congregants from First and Osborn Presbyterian Churches and special guests from the Palmer Home, including their choral group Promise.

There was a good sized crowd to enjoy the concert.

Here Pastor Olin McBride listens to a congregant.

Then it was time for the Catfish fry. Fish was breaded and fried.

Broiled fish prepared by some church "elders" was also available for the more health conscious amongst us.

Pretty soon the hordes descended on the spread.

There were drinks and desserts brought by guests to accompany the homemade vanilla ice cream. My assorted cookie tray is in the right foreground.

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