Thursday, August 30, 2007

Over the weekend

Stratford Saturday

Headed to Marylebone Station (the one from A Hard Day's Night, even if it was supposed to be Paddington Station). We walked into town from the station and wandered by the Shakespeare Birthplace along with all the other tourists.

After picking up our tickets, we visited Shakespeare's burial site, Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon and then stopped into the Dirty Duck for a pint of the formerly home town Flower's along with a cheese and crackers picnic.

Then we moved along 100 yards to the Courtyard Theatre for a good performance of 1 Henry IV, which features a surprising casting against type of David Warner as Falstaff.


In the morning took the previously discussed Famous Square Mile Walk. Rode the Central Line back to Holborn and then Victoria to Covent Garden. Tried yet again to do Tapas, but another place was closed as was Konaki--which we'll visit tomorrow, so we ended up at the Pizza Express on Coptic Street. We split a Soho pizza, a bottle of Monteforte mineral water, and a bottle of the Moncaro Montepulciano d' Abruzzo. Then we tubed it to Hampstead for the Lorenz Hart revue From the Hart, featuring such classics as "Have You Met Miss Jones?", "My Funny Valentine", "Blue Moon", and "Lady is a Tramp". Caught the last fifteen minutes of the Liverpool-Chelsea Anfield fixture next door at the Duke of Hamilton pub. Chelsea got an undeserved tie due to an official's poor decision. C'est la vie or perhaps, more appropriately for Rafa, "Que Sera Sera."

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